In this chapter, I’m going to explain an idea that would help to communicate how important urban horticulture is for both, people life and cities.

This idea is a request to all of you, because, it would be a great help to know your stories about how and why did you get involved in horticulture, and what role it plays in your life.

During the last months, I was getting to know the urban agriculture, and I realized that most of people and communities, included me, who started horticulture relationship, it was caused by problems related with health, like physical, psychological, environmental, economic or social, among others.

I wrote an introduction, in the second chapter of this blog, about the reasons of my horticulture relationship. In that moment, I didn’t say that I made the decision of change my life radically. Due to health problems, I decided to give up alcohol, hash and marihuana, and I went towards the yoga & meditation path. I started to feel me really depressed; in that moment, horticulture came to me. The first days gardening, I cried a lot. Four or five years later, I can say that horticulture is lighting my path, giving me healthy food and my job.

I hope, we will have enough stories, in order to write a script of a great urban gardening documentary, and this script would help a lot, to obtain financing.

If you don’t have any story to tell, maybe you have an idea to share with us, or you know somebody who has an interesting story.

You can write your experience at the bottom of this page, where you see «Deja un comentario», «Leave a comment».

Thank you so much.